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Just the Facts - We do the math!

The instantaneous information age has exploded within the cash feeder cattle business.

Have satellite video auction sales & country order buyers with a pda, or a blackberry or an iphone crashed into your traditional mechanisms for your discovery of current cash feeder cattle values?

Opinions on cattle market direction with conjectures of causality, accompanied by well reasoned support theories, are widely web-posted.  Cattle market analysts, with little or no personal financial risk from live cattle ownership, expound their prognostications. Cattle owner questions for cash feeder cattle marketing should logically follow from these widely variable analyst opinions within this instantaneous North American market dynamic of money, feed and cattle.

  • Do you sell your current nursing calf crop inventory or hold on for awhile longer? What is the Cost Offered to Keep™?
  • As a stocker operator, when you do sell your current cattle inventory, just what & when will you buy back? Which local cattle are Over-Valued // Under-Valued™?
  • Do you hedge those cash feeder cattle and then just accept the basis & margin call risks?
  • Do you just buy a put option & spend some of your potential cattle profits within an unknowable and likely volatile future?
  • Did your two minutes in the satellite video auction sale ring bring a calf bid offer with all of the current cash price available for your total yearly production of calves?  What was the weight slide that was paid that day?

No one can know or accurately predict the future.  However, the current cash feeder cattle market facts, for a single point in time and place, can be reliably known and can then contribute to your profitable cash feeder cattle market decision. The financial & workload challenge for you, as a live feeder cattle producer, is the distillation of the available current regional cattle market reports into your profitable cash feeder cattle market action plan. That cash feeder cattle market information is widely available "out there" on the instantaneous web.  But where are those unbiased local cash feeder cattle market facts accurately and rapidly found? How to then steal the time from your daily cattle production & routine management to "do the math" for current relative feeder cattle value calculations on a weekly, let alone a daily basis?

Discovery just got much easier for the relative cash value of your current feeder cattle inventory.
"Just the facts—We do the math."™

Daily, the cash cattle market allocates the resources of feed & cattle to their likely highest need & most profitable opportunity.  These relative cash prices of feed & cattle ration their availability both geographically and logistically.  Identification of those profitable cash cattle market opportunities now requires "real time" price reports & accurate calculations for your realization of those fleeting cattle profit opportunities.  Software, proprietary to, supplies you the "real time" notice with your web link for the cash cattle market relative value calculations of opportunity, direct to your web based communication system of choice. 

The unbiased & statistically accurate cash cattle market prices for the proprietary software calculations are web monitored only from USDA-Agricultural Market Service (AMS) weighted average cash feeder cattle market reports. These unbiased factual reports insures the validity of the cash feeder cattle price data through the adequate & enumerated volume of cash cattle sales plus their rigorous quality classification of feeder cattle. You choose the proprietary calculation only for those sale barns, satellite video auction regions or 8 state direct-feeder cattle weighted average reports that define your geographic area of cash cattle market opportunity.  Subscription prices for calculations are based from package prices for your specific geographic choice.  One single USDA-AMS reported sale barn is at an affordable price that averages about $6 per week. Any combinations of qualified USDA-AMS weighted average cash feeder cattle reports are available.

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