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Just the Facts - We do the math!

A Competitive Information Edge for the Cash Cattle Market

The professional cowman now has an easier way to determine the relative cash value of his current feeder cattle inventory. supplies unbiased and reliable regional cash feeder cattle market information with accurate calculations that support a well-reasoned cash cattle market action plan. provides the accurate and validated calculations that deliver the competitive information edge within the cash cattle market.

The cash cattle market allocates feed and cattle resources to its likely highest need and most profitable opportunity every day.

“Until now, feeder cattle producers had no way to quickly identify profitable cash cattle market opportunities,” Bob Welling, co-owner, said. “Real-time price reports and accurate calculation that will help producers maximize cattle profit opportunities are now available direct to a cattleman’s desktop, laptop or pda.”

Proprietary software supplies producers with a real-time notice and a web link to cash feeder cattle market-relative value calculations of opportunity.

The unbiased and statistically accurate cash cattle market prices for the proprietary software calculations come only from the USDA-Agricultural Market Service (AMS) weighted average cash feeder cattle market reports. Customers can choose the proprietary calculation for sale barns, satellite video auction regions, or state-direct cash feeder cattle weighted average reports for their geographic area of cash cattle market opportunity. Subscription prices for calculations are based from package prices for a producer’s specific geographic choice.

Helping Answer The Cowman’s Summer Questions™

Cowmen always seek the answers to key questions for the current value of their feeder cattle operation.  Those answers should then help them decide when is the best time to sell.

  • What calf price will I take?
  • Does that calf price offered cover my Unit Cost of Production (UCOP)?
  • When will I take that calf price?
  • Are alternate financial and nutritional resources available?
  • Why will I take that calf price?
  • Does the Cost Offered to Keep™ (COTK™) fit these alternate resources?
  • What did I buy back?
  • How does my calf price decision impact the biology of my cow?
  • Who do I bid against; to profitability keep that calf on my balance sheet?
  • Won’t I be bidding against corn, somewhere in a feed bunk?

The elements of’s calculations will help feeder cattle producers come up with the best possible cash cattle market plan. Those key report elements are:

  • The proprietary Value Discovery Table™ quantifies likely profitable cattle weight and potential rate of gain relationships across all feeder cattle weight ranges reported.
  • Marginal Return On Gain™, calculated for the entire feeder cattle weight range reported, enables comparison of your UCOP against the slide PAID in your selected USDA-AMS current cash feeder cattle weighted average market report.
  • The calculated Break Profit Cost of Gain (BPCOG) is derived from the time tested Cuming County, Nebraska rule of thumb for corn cost of gain, with the additional Roy Ferguson and Bud Williams emphasis on profit margin generation demanded by any feed stuffs traded for cattle gain. The BPCOG reveals the potentially profitable perspectives on current feed to gain price dynamics within a single standardized cost measure.
  • Cost Offered To Keep™ calculates a market price and weight parameter that signals the boundaries for continued profitable ownership of the current cattle inventory on their current plane of nutrition.
  • The Over-Valued // Under-Valued™ graph visually depicts the price and gain relationships that are currently available when the cash reported feeder cattle prices and weights are compared against the daily USDA-AMS 5-Day Weighted Average cash price and weight report of finished slaughter cattle.

These combined calculations deliver the feeder cattle price and weight relationships necessary for a well-researched and well-reasoned answer to The Cowman’s Summer Questions™ each and every week of the year.

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